Strata Management

Manage buildings and keep lot owners up to date with all repairs or maintenance jobs that are occurring.

Property Management

Receive job reports from tenants and organise repairs/maintenance for your properties quickly & easily.


Manage Buildings & Properties

Keep track of all repairs and maintenance at your buildings and keep lot owners and tenants up to date.

Receive Job Reports

Receive a notification when lot owners or tenants report a job.

Send Notifications

Notify the relevant parties of any repairs being completed.

Choose A Favourite Provider

Post a job directly to your favourite provider who is already inducted in the building or choose from our verified database.

Keep Track of Jobs

Track the status of each job via an easy to use dashboard.

Save Time

Web app, iOS + android version available to allow the posting of jobs while on the move.

Book a Demo

Get in touch with our team today and start streamlining your repairs and maintenance with JAK IQ.